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   to the wonderful world of self reliance, personal responsibility and freedom - that’s right, it’s also known as SALES!! I’m now a retired doctor, but I started out selling Fuller Brush products when I was 16. I was able to do something no other normal job ever did for me. I was able to control my time and income and not be at the whim of someone else (a boss).

There are all types of sales people - high pressure, soft sales, good ol’ boy, foxy women, and runts. It’s up to you to decide how you want to act. The one thing all sales people learn is that the word, “NO!”, no matter how cruelly screamed, is really translated as, “Next.” The problem we all grow up with is worrying about how others feel about us. It defines our self image, our abilities and our successes (and failures). We are taught to take criticism and rejection as personal. The difference between a successful salesperson and other people is not how outgoing, vivacious, athletic, handsome/beautiful, or talented they are. It’s that they realize that the people they meet and offer their product or service to don’t know them personally and when they say, “NO!!!” it’s not about them. It’s about the product or service. If they ask enough people they will finally arrive at a “Yes.” Once a sales person gets past taking No personally, they can become the master of their own life. All they have to do is keep track of numbers and do the same thing over and over again.

Sales is about numbers, averages, statistics and meeting people. Here’s the Parable of the Ugly Woman. At a social conference there were many beautiful women but one especially ugly one. Yet the ugly one seemed to be surrounded by men, laughing and having a great time all the time. Finally one of the beauties took the ugly one aside and asked what her secret was. “It’s simple.” She said. “I first say, Hi. Then I tell them I won’t go to bed with them but if they want a really great time, I can make it worth their while. Once we get past the sexual, financial, job, beauty, or whatever other stereotypes they have, we begin to talk comfortably and freely. If they think they want something else, they go find it elsewhere. If they stay and we get along, we become friends, enjoy each other’s company and have a great time. All these men know I’m honest, comfortable and enjoy their company. The key is that I’m not afraid to ask a lot of men or tell them exactly what and who I am. It’s all in the numbers. Ask more men and have more friends.”

Sales is the same thing. First, believe what you are offering is actually good for them. Tell them honestly what, why and how it can help them. If they don’t agree, simply say, “Next.” and be on your way. Over a relatively short time you will keep track of numbers - how many people you make offers to, how many say, “Yes.” versus, “No.”, how many actual sales you make, how much money you make on the average of most of your sales and how long it takes to do it. Eventually, you will learn that for every $100 you want to earn, it will take an average of so many hours, contacts, offers, nos and yeses. At that point you are now the master of your own fate. You can earn as much or as little as you want. To make more, fine tune your presentation, change products, find a different way to generate leads, or hire others to do the menial work while you do the most productive work. That’s the basis for every business you will ever study - statistics.

Think about this. You decide how much you want to earn. You determine the hours you will work, what days you want off, when you’ll take a vacation, and who you want to work with. That is the freedom of sales and why it’s one of the most highly paid professions available - especially without an advanced education. And you’ll never be subject to unemployment. There’s always a place for you.

Again, Welcome to SALES!!

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What We Provide

We are providing a beneficial service to small businesses and individuals who can benefit from having an Internet presence (website). We charge a fee for this service. We believe the fees are reasonable and affordable by most potential clients. Why? Because we’ve done the research to find out how much such service usually costs.

There are free websites out there for the finding, but this is how they work. Anyone can download the page as is, but if a person doesn’t know how to change the coding, edit the content or replace the images, the charge for a “unique” modification of the existing selected website ranges from $400 to $7,000 or more. Now if a person can do their own editing, they still have to find and select a web host that will place their website on their server and make it available to the Internet. These range from free if you’re willing to have others put their ads on your web pages to $1,000 per month for fully managed websites. In the process, you have to learn how to use the specific servers your site will be on, how to use Cpanels (control panels) at the host to get your site to accept e-mail, do links, handle databases, use ftp online control, run shopping software or any other task you want. There is a cost for these services.

Of course, if you want to buy a computer, hook it up to the Internet, run it 24/7 and do all this on your own, you don’t really need us. We’re for the person that can’t or doesn’t want to do all this for themselves and can’t afford to pay someone else the normal costs involved with creating and servicing a web site.


First things first. What can you earn? Literally as much as you want. With us, you are a commission only sales person working as an independent contractor. That means that you only get paid when we get paid and you determine when you want, where, how, and how much you want to work to get paid.

We pay a 50% commission on collected fees. By reading the Client contract you will see that there is an initial $100 collected at the time of signing. You will receive $50 of that as a commission. When the Client pays the $100 balance you will receive the next $50. No taxes, Medicare, unemployment insurance, workers’ compensation, health insurance or retirement is taken out. You get it all. After all, you are considered self employed and are responsible for all those things yourself at the end of the year. To be on the safe side do what most smart people do. Take about 20% of what you receive and put it into a secure saving account you NEVER TOUCH until tax time. Then you’ll have the money to pay any taxes, etc. the government may require. After all, that’s what normal employees do. Except they have the government take it and keep it with no interest payment until tax time and then they ask for whatever is left over back as a refund or pay a little extra if necessary.

Residual Income. (Oh! The golden sound of money forever!!) In sales this is a rarity. In fact, you may talk to many sales people before you find one that understands what it is. It’s simple. You do the work one time and get paid over and over again forever for it. It’s like owning an apartment building. Even when it’s paid off you still get income from it.

Why do we do this? Because I’ve been a salesperson for many, many years (even as a doctor in practice, sales was a big part of getting paid). I believe in giving what I would expect to receive. I’m not greedy, but I won’t give away the farm. You will have to work, but you can be well compensated without being the best and working the hardest. Just stick with it and you’ll make more and more.

Here’s how it works. When you do the initial sale for $200 you end up getting paid $100. If you did 10 that month, that’s $1,000 you make that month. Each month you do the same thing and make $1,000. When month 13 rolls around and the people that signed up a year ago renew and pay their $200 again you get the a residual 10% commission ($10) again. You still do the same 10 new contracts per month for the first $1,000 but you now get an additional $100 from the one year old clients that renew. Now you’re getting $1,100 each month for continuing the same work each month. At the beginning of the third year you begin getting $1200 per month for the same 10 new contracts per month.

There is a catch. You have to continue getting new sales at a minimum basis to receive the residual income. It doesn’t take as many as normal and is now computed per three month quarter, but if you don’t, you lose it all and have to start all over again. Please read the Independent Contractor Agreement.

How much can you make? That depends on your statistics. Let’s say you have to talk to 100 businesses to get 10 to sign up. If it takes an average of 30 minutes to do a full sign up plus 10 minutes average to go to and talk to non-buyers you have the following formula. Total minutes = (90 x 10 minutes) + (10 x 30 minutes). That works out to 900 + 300 = 1200 minutes / 60 minutes = 20 hours. If you make $1,000 from those 10 sales you just made $1,000 / 20 hours = $50.00 per hour. However, what happens if you fine tune your efforts and manage your time better. If you cut your time to 5 minutes per non-sale and 20 minutes per sale it works out to 500 + 200 = 700 total minutes / 60 = 11.6 hours. $1,000 / 11.6 hours = $86.20 per hour. What happens if you only have to talk to 50 people for those same 10 sales. You cut your work time in half and double your income. It’s up to you how efficient you are. You get paid for your results.

By the way, the above example is between 11.6 to 20 hours (6 - 10 hours if you only have to talk to 50 people). That’s part time per week. If you work just that part time for four weeks you get $4,000 for the month. The next year the residual income would be $400 more if every one renews for a total of $4,400 for the month part time. We believe that is generous and are willing to pay that to good, honest, responsible people.

As for the residual income, all you have to do is about 2 ½ weeks worth of part time effort every three month to get the residual income.

Supervisor Overrides

Once you've learned how to sell and process orders and have completed a minimum of 20 completed Client sales you can recruit other salespeople and get a 5% override on their sales for the first 12 months of their production. This is not Multi-Level Marketing. You will be expected to generally help them get started. They will have the same contract you will have and it is only for those individual you personally promote.

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Work Standards

As an Independent Contractor most everything is up to you. However, you are representing our company and we are concerned about that. How should you dress? Travel? What should you carry? What language standards should you use? Personal habits concerning appearance, actions and associates?

We won’t dictate them to you. We will only tell you that it is much easier to make a sale if you look clean and neat, are sharp in your actions, don’t get known for being in the “wrong” crowd, and show respect for those you meet. Attitude is critical to success. A chip on the shoulder or a negative action or word, even if directed at yourself or others not the client, will hurt your pocket book. Show respect, cheerfulness, and intelligence and learn to listen to the client. Don’t push. Ask what they want and how they might be able to use our service and let them find what fits them the best. When you listen you will find that clients often end up selling themselves once they understand what you have for them. Sales Presentation

Really, short and simple. It’s all in about 4 questions and takes about 2 minutes.
1. Do you have a website?
2. Search engines DO list local companies, but few of them have websites searchers can link to. Do you think it would help a business to have a website that web surfers could look at before they came in?
3. Do you think it could help your business to have such a local website?
4. Even if you don’t have a computer or know how to use one, would it be worth $200 per year to you if we created, launched, managed and marketed your website for your business?


If you have any questions, send us an email. Due to some Internet spiders hijacking email links we ask you to open up your email program, copy and paste this address into it so you can contact us.



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