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For too long, having an Internet website has been only for those that knew how to write code, spend lots of hours and money and the desire to mass market for that golden dream of sitting on the beach sipping a cool drink and letting the money roll in.


We are here for the "little guy". The small business, individual or group that knows it's in their best interest to have something on the Internet, but doesn't want to or can't spend the time, money and effort to create a unique website. We do it all for you at relatively minimal cost.

Internet Marketing versus Internet Presence

Fundamental to understanding the Internet is the two broad uses it fills. One is marketing - attempting to promote, sell, and advertise to the world to go global in sales. This is what most people think of when "Internet Marketing" is mentioned. That takes a tremendous effort, time, skill and is very costly. The other is simply having a website that gives solid and accurate information about you and your business for those local people that are searching for your product or service in their local area. This is called an "Internet Presence". It needs to be professional, attractive, suited to the business and answer the most common questions customers ask. It doesn't need to be constantly upgraded, changed, flashy, overwhelming and time consuming to maintain. This site is a good example. IHLPro, Inc. is a small conglomerate covering different industries on a small scale. We don't try to be #1 or even at the top of the list. We simply want to be available if someone is looking for us. More importantly we want to be able to direct potential customers to our site so they can get detailed information on their own without us having to be available 24/7 and keep saying the same things over and over again to each new potential customer.

What you get

Technically, your site will be a sub-domain of our highly visible domain. That means you don't even have to worry about trying to buy a domain name, find a registrar to list it with or find a web host to post your website to. That process in itself is daunting for most Internet users. Each host has it's own criteria, programs, tricks and skills a website creator must learn.

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