Universal TransPic


Universal TransPic



This is a simple, yet powerful, translator based on images, not sounds. It works in ANY language anywhere in the world. With a little practice you can communicate complicated ideas, concepts, and communications. It is water resistant, laminated, and fits in the pocket. At 8 pages you’ll be amazed how much you can get across to another person without any language or sound at all.

No electricity required, No apps, downloads, waiting for Internet connections, or wondering around trying to get a signal.

With a little practice within about 10 minutes, you’ll be amazed at how much you can communicate with NO SOUND AT ALL! It’s all simple, ye detailed, pictures.

Try this example. The Universal TransPic is 8 pages long, fits in your pocket, and is water resistant.

Quantities of 10 or more will be 5.99 each.
This requires direct contact with us
since the platform doesn’t handle discounts.

Get your friends some.
Give some to other travelers.
Tell the lodging manager about it.
Show it to local businesses that deal with foreign customers.
Keep some in your pack and sell to other as you go.


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