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Most real estate agents and investors say,
"You give me your equity for nothing or real cheap and I'll sell or buy your house.
After all, I have to pay my commissions or make a profit, don't I?"
But is that fair to you?

We buy your house at the fair market value and you keep your equity.
In fact, sometimes we give you
more than the current equity
you have to make the deal work.
We don't even work with commissions!
Does this sound interesting to you?

How can we make money?
The terms are what we deal with. If you can:
1. Leave your mortgages in place for a few years,
2. Leave your equity in place for a few years, and
3. Don't need to cash out to move,
we can work with you for a true win - win situation.

We can often even get you some current cash to close the deal or end up giving you more than your current equity when the final closing occurs at the end of a few years.

We do this by protecting you, your property, your credit and our interest in it by using Illinois type land trusts, a federal program that has been around since the 1940's. We do it legally, ethically and morally. We do NOT jeopardize you mortgage Due-On-Sale clause or Early Payoff or Accelerated Payment clause. We can even do it if you are in foreclosure or entering bankruptcy. We have a qualified resident move into the property to keep it in good condition and oversee it's care. This resident has a vested interest to be much more than a renter because they will receive thousand's of dollars to help them finance and buy the property at the end of the contract term - none of which comes out of your pocket or equity.

If you can answer YES to the above three conditions and are interested in keeping your equity, give us a call.


I'm Dr. Ken Rich at (562) 694-8060

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