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Having begun in real estate development, marketing and investment in 1982, a long history of unique experiences have brought IHL, Inc. to a place of recognition by many professional real estate investors and educators for it's unique abilities to be imaginative, innovative and professional in it's activities.

Over the years many investors have taken the opportunity to learn to think outside the box with the help of our guidance. The classic examples of investing as presented by most real estate agents find they are often at a disadvantage when compared to contractual and marketing structures created and used by IHL, Inc. The sophisticated investor finds that through IHL, Inc. opportunities are found and used that are not normally recognizable as such by other investment counselors.

A simple question that IHL, Inc. always starts with is, "If the seller had all cash, what could they use it for, other than creating a bonfire?" Cash is only a medium to move from one position or possession to another. Digging deep to find the other parties true desires often leads to unique methods of creating deals.

We deal with residential properties, commercial properties, developments, and unique purpose properties. We expand our abilities by networking with very sophisticated and experienced investors looking for opportunities outside the box. We and our contacts handle small residential properties up to multimillion dollar deals. With our partners we try to maintain a professional and equitable basis for working together ranging from free advice to being a major player for those that bring deals to us. If you are interested, contact us.

Stocks, Options and Securities

IHL, Inc. has been active in the stock market for many years and has developed a profitable basis for income for it's investors. The primary goal is a profit in excess of 10% per month minimum not average per month. For those who deal in real estate the IHL Stock Advisory program ties right in with their real estate investing. It is designed for short term swing trading (few days to a few weeks) and allows far more return than a normal repository of funds waiting for the next good real estate deal to come along.

Although, IHL, Inc. and it's principles and staff are not licensed securities brokers, the information they provide allows individuals to independently trade their own accounts with their own brokers to control their own fortunes.

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Collectibles range from rare antiques to no longer available modern items. Each has value based on it's condition, current availability and general market value. Since each is a one-of-a-kind item, it is NOT sold through a normal Internet marketing system like eBay. must be contacted directly to see if the item is still available. Negotiation for price is acceptable within reason, but shipping must be added and paid by the buyer.

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