Investing for BIG PROFIT in a Down Market

As strange as it seems, a down market is the easiest and fastest way to make a fortune in real estate AND IT DOESN'T TAKE ANY MONEY!!

If you're interested in just investing with a little cash and good credit we can set you up for a 100% return in 6 months with absolutely no work in your part. Click here as an investor

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Remember this is for a seminar you might want.

I sit at home on my computer and use the Internet to find deals anywhere in the country that meet two simple requirements. First, if I can't resell it, I can rent it at the bottom of the local rental market rate, pay all bills and debt service and still make a positive cash profit each and every month. Second, I usually resell the houses within 90 days for a minimum $40,000 net profit. I do all this with no cash out of my pocket and not using my own credit. I teach my students to do this as well. In addition, when they start I generally hand them 3 or 4 already found and analyzed deals for them to do the final checkout on (2 to 3 days) and turn it over to them for their first investment.

Even better than that, I have my system set up to make $5,000 to $25,000 the first month without doing any investing at all (although you will participate in the final net profit on each and every deal you work on).

The biggest reason most wannabe real estate investors never get started is fear. It's because they don't have a real hands on trainer taking then step by step through everything from finding, analyzing, contracting, selling (Yah, most gurus do that) and even how to use the specific programs like Excel, Snagit, any graphics program to create unique and essential tools and others (I do) plus guiding you to and teaching you keystroke by keystroke how to use the best sites for the things you need like crime areas to avoid, the top school districts to work in, how to beat the MLS in getting the first look at and a contract on a super foreclosure deal, and much more (Yah, I do all that too!).

Simply put, these people are afraid to make a mistake and lose their money. They know there is some essential detail they haven't heard about or don't know about that will end up ruining them. In my seminar training I concentrate on giving those details and answers. There's never enough time to give it all, but I'm one of those trainers well worth having for your group.

What do I get out of it? Potential students or investors who simply want to make safe money.

Here's the catch. A student doesn't pay me until they actually make a profit. No upfront costs. I don't sell training packages, I don't charge for seminars, and I am the MOST expensive trainer you will ever meet and my students are more than happy to pay me every dime out of their net profits because I've earned it.