With the help of one of our principles we have entered into the manufacturing and distribution of a line of health care products and information packets.

Our current line of products include:

Universal TransPics - Universal Translator - This pictorial booklet is small enough to fit in your pocket yet sophisticated enough to make most communications between different languages understandable and convenient WITHOUT learning a new language. Point to the pictures and get your message understood quickly and easily. See an example here.

Aussie Body Tool - (MSRP $39.95) The Aussie Body Tool is based on a therapy using tools found in nature over thousands of years. It is similar to other products on the market but superior in it's applicability. The tool is designed to allow it's use inareas and directions not normal for similar tools available. The large hook is designed to fit almost all patients in almost every part of the body. The tool does come with instructions in the box. However, once a person knows and understands the feel of TPs and their self care, a little imagination can do a lot for using this tool. Additional detailed instructions are available in the Trigger Point CD below.

Hand TP tool - (MSRP $14.95) This hand tool is a must for anyperson treating other people. The wear and tear on the hands of the doctor or therapist is of prime concern. This tool allows for treatment of almost any part of the body with no or minimal damage to the hands even over extended periods of time. The design is simple and the tool is provided in a form that can travel easily in a pocket. For those professionals that already know how to do TPT by hand this tool will be all you need. Additional detailed instructions are available in the Trigger Point CD below.

Information CDs

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We do not sell the Aussie Body Tool or the Hand TP Tool to the public.
The CDs are avialable to the public in single quantities.
If you are interested in quantity pricing please contact us.