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Like many companies we help cheritable organizations. We do this by providing marketing and contact information for them. We do NOT receive any form of compensation or referral fee for this.

We have found a unique charitable organization with unique services - Community Health Training, Inc.

Every charity must operate on a cash basis. Non-cash donations must be converted into cash. If they can't convert it to cash it has no value to them and they won't accept the donation.

Community Health Training, Inc. accepts both timeshares and mortgages. These are considered items, not cash. If sold within 36 months, the cash received is all they can give as donation credit. However, if they keep it longer the IRS allows them to give the maximum amount they can credit. For a timeshare it's $5,000. For a mortgage it's $10,000.

What if its a worthless timeshare or an uncollectable mortgage?

Usually if the donor could sell the item for cash, they would. CHT doesn't have any magic method to get cash for a worthless item. So, in order to generate cash in the process, they accept and keep these items for 36 months, give the maximum legal donation credit, and charge a nominal service fee for accepting the item. The qadvantages to the donor for this worthless donation are:

The donor actually comes out ahead by donating what would be considered a worthless timeshare and a nonpaying mortgage to CHT. Because of this we support them.

To see their offer click here.